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What we offer
 Ponder gives you the opportunity to better your future

Ponder Learning is an online learning platform created to provide easy, affordable access to academic help offered, by other users, in the form of online tutor lessons and through the sale of notes.

Reach your academic potential

If you’re struggling and need some help. Search through the available tutors, find your fit and begin learning to reach your goals.

Grow your Financial Wealth

Become a tutor and make money by offering tutor services to learners as well as selling study notes.

Learn New Languages

Whether you’re moving to a new place, or simply want to become more linguistic. Search through the available language tutors and begin today.

Online Learning
Looking for a Tutor?

Click below to search through the available Ponder tutors. These tutors are required to create profiles that allow us to connect you, to them. Subscription is a ONCE-OFF R29 for all learners on the platform,  this allows us to create a profile for you so we can better manage and enhance your learning experience.

Use your skills to earn
 Become an Online Tutor

Click below to begin the process to becoming a tutor with us. This entails the creation of a profile and a once-off R99 fee to cover the start-up process. Once registration is complete, you may begin teaching and earning money. Tutors are also able to sell notes which are advertised on the website.


We offer a multitude of subjects
Grade School Tutoring

School tutors are waiting to help you with any school issues you may have. Click below to find your best fit.

University Tutoring

University tutors from all around the country are just a click away ready to assist and guide you in your studies.

Language Tutoring

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn a new language or become more linguistic by finding the tutor for you.

Notes for Sale
Looking For Study Notes?

Tutors have added their study notes to the platform to aid in your study process. Find notes for your subject and use them to better your academic future.

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